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This season of the show is all about LM Life Lessons: the greatest lessons I’ve learned (and continue to learn) and the lessons I share most with my mentees, event attendees and online program participants.

My special guest this week is Dr. Kristy Goodwin – an author, speaker AND guest trainer on my upcoming Create Academy program.

Creating some proactive strategies for how I interact with technology and social media has been a critical part of my growth over the years – and my ability to create and iterate as much as I do… and I’m learning that it needs to be a constantly-evolving practice.

I’m excited to tap into Kristy’s expertise on this topic, as I see her as the leading thoughtleader on digital wellbeing and she ALWAYS teaches me something when I speak to her!

In our chat, we cover:

  • What she sees as our Digital Dilemma (aka the love/hate relationship may of us have with tech)
  • What “infobesity” is and what impact is has on our lives, mental health and productivity
  • Why you shouldn’t send sensitive emails at night-time
  • How she believes attention management is the critical skill we all need to working on
  • Simple changes we can make to the set-up of our phones to minimise unfocused time on them
  • How creating more friction with our tech is a key step to maintaining our own boundaries
  • The link between tech and our own creativity
  • A peek at what she’ll be sharing with Create Academy students

You can find Kristy at drkristygoodwin.com, on Instagram as @drkristy and on Facebook>

Create Academy enrolments are open right now – term starts on Friday 12th June. If you’re keen to live a more creative life, this one is for you!  You can find out all the details here: https://lorrainemurphy.com.au/create-academy/.

Links from this episode:

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Article on setting up your phone – https://betterhumans.coach.me/how-to-set-up-your-iphone-for-productivity-focus-and-your-own-longevity-bb27a68cc3d8