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This season of the show is all about LM Life Lessons: the greatest lessons I’ve learned (and continue to learn) and the lessons I share most with my mentees, event attendees and online program participants.

I believe that everyone has their own unique set of superpowers, and one of mine is most definitely the ability to begin and develop relationships quite quickly.

I fully credit this superpower with the fact that I am very intentional about gaining the trust of others.

In this episode, I share:

  • How trust is the fundamental requirement for any successful relationship
  • How learning to gain trust has aided me in my career, when starting my first business and in forming my ability to sell
  • The five self-taught principles I hold in my own life when it comes to building others’ trust in me
  • The concept of “micro-accountability” and how you can leverage it
  • My approach of “under-promise and over-deliver” and how we can utilise it
  • The leader I’ve worked with who had the greatest ability I’ve ever seen to gain the trust of others