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I know from chatting to my community that the overwhelm is real right now, so helping you to get organised is my BIG focus for the next couple of months, including for this season of the show!

I recently asked my community what their biggest blocks were when it came to getting organised, and I got hundreds of responses from them.

One thing that was patently clear from the responses was that a major block to getting organised was lack of motivation to get started.

In this episode, I share seven simple strategies that I use myself to get motivated, and that I teach my mentees and online program participants.

Think of it as a toolkit for you to draw on when you’re feeling demotivated!

Quick reminder too that my free 5-Day GSD Challenge is kicking off on Monday 10th August – the perfect opportunity to kickstart that magic momentum of yours!  You can sign up here: lorrainemurphy.com.au/GSDchallenge.