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I know from chatting to my community that the overwhelm is real right now, so helping you to get organised is my BIG focus for the next couple of months, including for this season of the show!

This is the second of three one-on-one mentoring sessions I recorded with members of my LM Love Club.

In each of these episodes, you get to listen in as I work through an organisational block my mentee has and pick up nuggets that you can apply in your life too.

This week’s session is with Michelle Gardner from Sydney.

Michelle is a Marketing Manager for a healthcare start-up, a role she has just started and is adjusting to the new pace of start-up land.

She also has a passion for… wait for it… circus skills!  This passion requires her to train 4-5 days per week.

And, to add to her list of priorities, she also loves creative writing and is trying to find time to work on her short story.

Michelle’s organisational block is finding the time to devote to each of these priorities, as well as see her friends and tend to the general adulting required to live.

She feels her attention is split between her different projects, and often feels guilty when she’s focusing on one and not the other.  She also tends to get distracted by social commitments and struggles to protect the time she previously committed to her hobbies when invites come her way.

In our session, we talk about:

  • How acknowledging that we can do it all, but not at the same time, can be a helpful time management tool
  • Why structure and scheduling is a critical ingredient to creative projects
  • The reason that being active out in the world serves our creative projects
  • How setting weekly benchmarks for social time can ease FOMO with our friends

I also talk in this episode about my free Masterclasses on Tuesday 25th August: Bonus Time: Five Habits To Get You Back AT LEAST Five Hours A Week.

You can register right here: lorrainemurphy.com.au/masterclass.

No drama if you can’t make the live sessions, everyone who registers will get the recording and the Bonus Time Playbook.

If you’d like to learn more about The LM Love Club, hop over here: https://lorrainemurphy.com.au/the-lm-love-club

Thanks so much for listening!