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I know from chatting to my community that the overwhelm is real right now, so helping you to get organised is my BIG focus for the next couple of months, including for this season of the show!

In the last episode of this GSD season, I am thrilled to bring you not one but TWO experts – the same experts that will be bringing their guru-ness to my Get Remarkably Organised Program (the last day for registrations is next Tuesday 8th September, so this is officially the last podcast call for you to sign up).


My first expert interview is with the marvellous Rachel Crethar – a clinical hypnotherapist who will be teaching my group all about how to build new habits.

In our chat, she shares:

  • The most common challenges her clients come to her with
  • How to navigate changing our behaviours – and how fear of change is totally normal
  • How repetition is the key to rewiring our brains
  • Celebrating wins and how they can accelerate change

To connect with Rachel, visit her website: rachelcrethar.com.


My second expert is declutter coach and life organiser Bridget Johns, who will be helping my program group to shift the “Stuff” in their lives.

In our conversation, she shares: 

  • Her inside track on storage hacks
  • Her genius strategy for dealing with laundry overwhelm
  • How to shift yourself out of clutter overwhelm
  • Staying on track with decluttering
  • How to organise our homes in a sustainable way

You can find Bridget at besimplyfree.com.au.


I’m sure you’ll agree that I’ve struck gold with these two gurus.  If you’d like to dive deeper with them, then my Get Remarkably Organised Program is kicking off next week.


Find out more about the program here: lorrainemurphy.com.au/get-remarkably-organised/

Dozens of women have already taken that critical first step by signing up.  I’ve done all the thinking for you and will gently guide you through a week-by-week process to help you move from reactive to proactive, from chaos to calm.

After this episode there’ll be a two-week break on the podcast – I’ll be back on 18th September with a fresh new season to share with you.  I haven’t decided on the theme yet, so all requests are very welcome…