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I know from chatting to my community that the overwhelm is real right now, so helping you to get organised is my BIG focus for the next couple of months, including for this season of the show! 

Last week’s episode was supposed to be the season finale, however as I moved the last day for registrations for the program a little later, I had time to squeeze in one last episode of the GSD season.  Surprise!!

I’m bringing back the person who is officially my most popular podcast guest to date… my husband Wade.  We had a very honest and fun conversation this week, talking all things organisation.  I LOVE how open and insightful he is in these interviews!  We also talked more broadly too, based on requests from my community.

In our chat, we talk about: 

  • What it’s REALLY like to live with me and my organisation mission
  • How our approaches to organisation are similar.. and also very different
  • How we’ve managed with him working from home a lot more this year
  • The area of our relationship that we’re most organised in right now and the area that needs work 
  • What his business actually does 
  • How the pandemic has affected his business, and what he and his team are doing to keep it going
  • Whether he feels I over-share with my community 
  • If he’s planning on writing a book

 We really enjoyed having this chat together, and I hope you enjoy it too.  

To find out more about Wade’s business Project Everest Ventures, visit: projecteverest.ventures.

This is definitely the last call for my Get Remarkably Organised Program – doors close at midnight this Sunday 13th September!  I won’t be running this one again until mid-2021, so this is our window of opportunity to shift you from chaos to calm together.  Sign up here: lorrainemurphy.com.au/get-remarkably-organised