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For Season 8 of the podcast,  I’m focusing on one of my greatest passions: business!

I’ve had my own business since 2012 and entrepreneurship is a pursuit I devote a tonne of time, energy and focus to – whether it’s growing my own business, or mentoring others in theirs.  In this season, I’ll be taking you behind the scenes in my business – as well as interviewing business owners I respect enormously.

In the first episode of this season, I take you behind the scenes of the launch of my Get Remarkably Organised Program.  I LOVE hearing about other people’s launches, and myself and the team learned a tonne from this launch – so I wanted to pay it forward and share our lessons with my listeners.

I set out to have the biggest launch I’ve done to date with this program… which it was.

However we also had a myriad of tech issues with it, so as well as being the biggest, it was also the most stressful launch we’ve done!

I’ve shared very openly the highs and lows of the launch, as well as the exact numbers around targets, revenue, expenses… and what we’ll do differently next time we launch.

In the episode, I cover: 

  • Why this was such a key launch for me
  • The exact team members who were involved in the launch
  • The step-by-step strategy we worked to
  • The derailment caused by multiple tech issues
  • Our target for the launch… and whether or not we hit it
  • The lowest point of the launch, and how it was almost the undoing of me
  • The precise amount I spent on social media advertising
  • The breakdown of payment plan vs. upfront payments
  • And shitloads more!

MEGA props to my team: AJ, Danelle, Jaclyn, Stacey, Jayne, Jackie, Jess and Greg for being total rockstars for this launch.

And biggest thanks to everyone who invested their precious time, money and focus in joining the program with me.

I hope you find my lessons useful for your own business or projects; it’s been a privilege to be able to pass them on to you.

If you’d like to learn more about one-on-one mentoring with me, visit: https://lorrainemurphy.com.au/work-with-me/mentoring/.