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For Season 8 of the podcast,  I’m focusing on one of my greatest passions: business!  

I’ve had my own business since 2012 and entrepreneurship is a pursuit I devote a tonne of time, energy and focus to – whether it’s growing my own business, or mentoring others in theirs.  In this season, I’ll be taking you behind the scenes in my business – as well as interviewing business owners I respect enormously.

For this week’s episode, I’m focusing on the area that many of my mentees seek my guidance on: how they can build their profile.

My background is in PR, however – as I share in this episode – it’s a VERY different experience talking about yourself instead of a client’s product or service!  As a result, I’ve found that some of the biggest lessons in this area have come from my own mindset blocks.

My intent with this episode is to share with you the most powerful levers I’ve used to build my profile, as well as easing some of the fear and uncertainty that is part and parcel of putting yourself out there.

In it, I share:

  • Why awards were such a pivotal part of me starting to build a profile
  • My experience as an awards judge, and what I look for
  • My top tip to winning awards (this one always gets a giggle!)
  • Why having an opinion can help you grow your profile
  • The No.1 hack I have for gauging what content to focus on next
  • How I got over my (horrible) fear of public speaking
  • The weird and wonderful tricks I use to help me speak with confidence
  • The Snowball Concept – and why it’s so important on our mission to build our profiles
  • Why I’d rather have 100 followers than 100,000
  • Some examples of thoughtful ways to nurture your community
  • Why if you’re ready, you’re probably too late

I’m SUPER keen to hear what resonated for you in this episode – let me know via Instagram or email.  

If you’d like to explore mentoring with me, jump over here: lorrainemurphy.com.au/work-with-me/mentoring

Thank you so much for listening!