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For Season 8 of the podcast,  I’m focusing on one of my greatest passions: business!  

I’ve had my own business since 2012 and entrepreneurship is a pursuit I devote a tonne of time, energy and focus to – whether it’s growing my own business, or mentoring others in theirs.  In this season, I’ll be taking you behind the scenes in my business – as well as interviewing business owners I respect enormously.

I am thrilled to be bringing you this interview this week, as it’s with one of the people I’ve respected and admired, but also been friends with, for quite a few years of my own entrepreneurial journey.

Tim Duggan is a co-founder of Junkee Media, a digital media company that has evolved over the last 15 years to incorporate a number of dynamic brands.  Ooh! Media acquired 85% of Junkee in 2016, for $11.1 million.  Tim is also the author of Cult Status – his first book that shares his inside track on how to build a business that people adore.  

On the day Tim and I spoke, it was his first Monday after finishing at Junkee the previous week – and a public holiday to boot!

In our chat, we cover: 

  • The simple email that started his first business (and how we can all learn from what he did)
  • The finance disaster that had him and his team talking to administrators… and how they saved the business
  • His smart AF strategy for staying ahead of the curve, so that it seemed like his business “came from the future”
  • The critical question he and his leadership team asked every 12 months of his time at Junkee to help them disrupt their own business
  • How to give team members autonomy, but still stay in control 
  • His crazy experience of taking himself to a deserted island, armed with just a notebook, pen and medical reference book – and what the experience taught him
  • How he managed to write Cult Status while also running Junkee 
  • The simple reframe that helped him keep moving forward with the book, even when creative flow felt in short supply
  • Why he’s amazed that any businesses get sold
  • His advice for anyone thinking about selling their business
  • The three areas that great entrepreneurs should NOT be spending their time on in their businesses
  • Why leaving his ego at the door has been behind many of his most successful business moves

I loved this conversation with Tim – he’s so honest and grounded, and also generous with sharing his fuck-ups as well as his wins.

You can find Tim and buy Cult Status on his website (cultstatus.com) and Instagram (@tim_duggan).  

Check out my Instagram (@lorraineremarks) this week for details on how to win one of two signed copies of Tim’s book!

And the books we mention in the episode are:
The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
Do The Work by Steven Pressfield
The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

If you’d like to explore mentoring with me, jump over here: lorrainemurphy.com.au/work-with-me/mentoring