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Given that I started the first talent agency for digital influencers in Australia, the topic of influence is one that’s very close to my heart.  

I know without doubt that establishing myself as a thoughtleader on influencer marketing was probably the greatest contributor to the success of that first business – including being listed on the BRW Fast Starter List, hitting multi-million dollars of annual revenue and winning a shelf-load of awards.

So how DO we position ourselves as influencers – in our businesses if we’re business owners, or as professionals if we have a job?

Well, my guest this week Julie Masters has allll the answers.

 I met Julie (aka Jules) about five years ago now through our mutual friend Lisa Messenger – she had founded a talent agency for speakers years beforehand and as I had a talent agency for influencers, we had LOTS of notes to compare!

After running Ode Speakers for almost a decade (including starting the NYC office), she stepped away from the business in order to focus on starting a family – a decision we discuss in our chat.  She is the besotted mother of 3 yo Tali, and since our chat she has also added baby Ethan to her and her husband Josh’s tribe. 

Now she is the founder of Influence Nation and educates companies all over Australia (and the world!) on how they can build their influence. She is also the host of thought-leading (and thought-provoking) podcast Inside Influence.

However what’s most impressive to me about Jules is how wonderful a friend she is – not easy with the workload and parenting responsibility she has.  She has been with me through many big decisions, life moments, and low points and it is a true honour to be her friend. I think our bond comes through beautifully in this conversation, and I just know you’ll find her as impressive and savvy as I do.

In our pretty far-reaching chat, we cover:

  • Her golden rule for deciding what commitments to take on 
  • Her decision to prioritise her fertility over her first business
  • Why she doesn’t like the term “personal brand”
  • Why “outshouting” isn’t the way to create influence… and what you should do instead
  • Why influence is not the same thing as popularity
  • The 3 hallmarks of an exceptional speaker
  • The major mindset shift that will help nervous public speakers (like I used to be)
  • How she “layers in” support in her work and home life

You can find Jules on her podcast (Inside Influence), her website juliemasters.com and on Instagram – @jules.masters.  

Some of the resources Jules mentions in our chat are:

Nancy Duerte TED talk – https://www.ted.com/talks/nancy_duarte_the_secret_structure_of_great_talks?language=en
The Colin James Method – https://www.colinjamesmethod.com.au/colin-james-speaker/
W Mitchell TED talk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbBszeUvsUc
Megan Washington’s TEDx talk – https://www.ted.com/talks/megan_washington_why_i_live_in_mortal_dread_of_public_speaking?language=en 

Thank you to my partner for this episode, LUXit.  I love bringing you companies that I know and love, and LUXit is very much one of those.  You can find out more about Luxit at luxit.com.au and follow them at @luxit_official. Oh and they’re currently operating in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.