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For Season 8 of the podcast, I’m focusing on one of my greatest passions: business!  

I’ve had my own business since 2012 and entrepreneurship is a pursuit I devote a tonne of time, energy and focus to – whether it’s growing my own business, or mentoring others in theirs. In this season, I’m taking you behind the scenes in my business – as well as interviewing business owners I respect enormously.

Effective business planning is one of the earliest lessons I had when I started my first business eight years ago, and making the time to create a solid annual plan, and devoting time each quarter to designing my quarterly plan, has been something I’ve been religious about over those years.

After a LOT of “yes pleases” on my Instagram this week, I recorded this episode: a step-by-step guide to how I do my own business planning. It was a super fun one to do as I recorded it in my hotel room while still in the zone of my own planning getaway in Bondi!

I share:

  • Why business planning is so important, and the pitfalls it keeps me out of
  • How to set the scene for a kickass planning session
  • Why I believe we need both a “feminine” and “masculine” approach to planning
  • The realisation I had at the beach in Bondi that became the launch pad (and blueprint) for my entire planning day
  • Why – and how! – our businesses should serve our overall lives… and not the other way around
  • The four horizons of planning and how they layer onto each other
  • What to do when you don’t know where to start with setting financial targets
  • The trick my kinesiologist Jacqui taught me to always stay open to more financial abundance
  • My Business Pyramid model, and why I believe every business needs one
  • A sneak peek at my own Business Pyramid
  • How to translate our grand plans into daily actions 
  • The hack I use to kickstart my planning, and how I’m putting it into action this week

The resources I mention in this episode:

And finally, if you’d like to explore diving deeper into business mentoring with me: