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This season is the Step Into You Season – it’s allllll about helping you step into the person you want to be.  

All of us – at one point or another – have periods of feeling a bit flat, disconnected from ourselves and burnt-out.  My intention with this season is to help you move from a “low-res” version of yourself to the full-blown, glorious Technicolor version of you.  Each week, I’ll be exploring a different life area to help you upgrade your life.  

And – to support this journey even more – I’m hosting a free Step Into You Challenge.  Over five days, I’ll step you through easy and achievable actions that will give you micro life upgrades each day.  It’s starting on 1st February and you can sign up here: lorrainemurphy.com.au/stepintoyou.

This week’s episode has been bubbling in my mind for a few months now, however I didn’t know if I would have the guts to record it…

I’m talking about sex – and how I healed a longrunning disconnection with my sexuality last year.  This is a conversation I’ve started having with friends, and it’s a conversation that I believe we need to be having a lot more as women.  So I’m taking the lead by starting the conversation with you through this episode.

I’m so grateful to my husband Wade for being so supportive of me sharing my/our story, and for joining me towards the end of the episode to share the journey from his perspective.

In this definitely PG rated episode, I cover:

  • The painful issue in our marriage relating to the area of sex
  • The shame that I carried around for FAR too long
  • The breakthrough moment for me in this area, and the growth experience that followed
  • The two modalities that helped me rediscover my sexuality
  • How one podcast episode completely shifted my mindset on my issue… and I mean completely!
  • My Make Lorraine Sexy Again list (I can’t believe I’ve shared this!)
  • How re-engaging with sex has transformed my life, and my relationship with Wade
  • The biggest learnings I had as a result of this journey of discovery
  • Wade’s perspective on the changes we’ve experienced together

I share a lot of different resources in this episode:

To listen to me speak about my experience of de-armouring, go to Episode 30 of my show: https://lorrainemurphy.com.au/episode-30-live-from-bali-what-im-getting-up-to-on-my-reboot-adventure/

Melissa Ambrosini’s book Open Wide is an excellent introduction to the world of relationships, sexuality, masculine vs feminine energy… and tonnes more: https://melissaambrosini.com/openwide/

The podcast episode I reference is Episode 85 on The Kylie Camps Show, featuring Dr. Wednesday Martin: https://podtail.com/en/podcast/kylie-camps/sex-desire-and-domesticity-what-is-untrue-with-dr-/

Clinical hypnotherapist Rachel Crethar can be found here: rachelcrethar.com

Honey Birdette sex toys (honorary mention to the Gemini and the Venus) were my most pleasurable find of 2020 – you can find the brand’s website here: https://www.honeybirdette.com/