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This season is the Step Into You Season – it’s allllll about helping you step into the person you want to be.

All of us – at one point or another – have periods of feeling a bit flat, disconnected from ourselves and burnt-out.  My intention with this season is to help you move from a “low-res” version of yourself to the full-blown, glorious Technicolor version of you.  Each week, I’ll be exploring a different life area to help you upgrade your life.  

And – to support this journey even more – I’m hosting a free Step Into You Challenge.  Over five days, I’ll step you through easy and achievable actions that will give you micro life upgrades each day.  It’s starting on 1st February and you can sign up here: lorrainemurphy.com.au/stepintoyou.

Now about this week’s episode… 

Basically, last week’s episode on how I stepped into my sexuality caught fire!  

In just four days, it rocketed to be my No.1 most downloaded episode since the show began 18 months ago.  I have received hundreds of DMs, text messages and emails about it.  I am feeling elated, proud and deeply touched at the level of sharing that’s been coming my way since the episode went live.

I’ve never done a follow-up episode before, however given the incredible response on this topic (and that 97% of my audience asked me to), I wanted to linger on the topic for one more week.  

This week I’m sharing the four most common themes of the feedback I received from listeners on the episode – my intention here is to keep the conversation going and share broadly what the common sentiments I’m hearing are.

Then I’m answering the questions that have been coming my way, including:

  • Which of the items on my “Make Lorraine Sexy Again” list were the most effective
  • Whether or not hypnosis made a real difference for me
  • How to have honest conversations with our partners about sex, and get over the fear that the outcome will be negative
  • What I learned about experiencing different kinds of orgasms
  • Whether supplements can support libido
  • How to make yourself feel sexy when time or money are not in abundant supply
  • How I found the right professionals to support me on this adventure
  • Scheduling intimate time and if I think it helps

I’m thrilled to be able to dive into this topic again this week and hope you find some more nuggets of gold in this episode!