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This season is the Step Into You Season – it’s allllll about helping you step into the person you want to be.

All of us – at one point or another – have periods of feeling a bit flat, disconnected from ourselves and burnt-out.  My intention with this season is to help you move from a “low-res” version of yourself to the full-blown, glorious Technicolor version of you.  Each week, I’ll be exploring a different life area to help you upgrade your life.  

AND my Step Into You Program is now live!  Sometimes we need something to snap ourselves out of our rut, to shake off the dust, to raise our vibration to one of focus, abundance and – most of all – possibility.

This is EXACTLY why I created my Step Into You program: to move you from a faded, tired, low-res version of yourself to your full Technicolour dazzling glory.

Over six weeks, I’ve broken down the very best bits of my one-on-one mentoring to create a six-week program that delivers the goods… and then some.  Find out more here; https://lorrainemurphy.com.au/step-into-you-program/.  Doors close on Wednesday 10th February.

This week on the show we’re diving into money – and how to upgrade our money stories.  My “Build A Money Mindset” episode in July last year is one of my top 5 episodes evers on the show, and I wanted to revisit the topic as part of this Step Into You season.

Prepare to hear me fan girl BIG-TIME during this week’s episode, as I’m interviewing my own money mentor.  I first started to follow Denise Duffield-Thomas in early 2020, and her work has helped me rebuild my own money story after a traumatic financial shock in 2018.  She is the bestselling author of three books, a wildly successful entrepreneur, and a mum of three kids.  Her book Chillpreneur is one of the best business books I’ve read.

In our conversation, we cover: 

  • The difference between focusing on your money mindset, versus the “how to” of building wealth
  • The concept of “money blocks” – what they are and where they come from
  • The three most common money blocks she sees women experiencing, and how can they can overcome
  • How we can help our kids to shape positive money stories
  • The one thing she recommends you do if you’re in that horrible, low vibe, overwhelmed situation when it comes to your finances (and big love if that’s you, ‘cos I’ve been there and it’s nasty)
  • Why she thinks money is so much more of a taboo for women than men, and what we can do to start to change that… without freaking ourselves out, and the people around us!
  • Her economy class>first class philosophy, and how it can help you lead a wealthier life
  • The future cost that not outsourcing home tasks creates, and how she manages her home outsourcing 
  • Her thoughts on the myth that money and kids are mutually exclusive – i.e: that women can’t have families and be wealthy
  • Her belief that we shouldn’t need to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of hard work/sacrifice/burn-out in order to realise our financial goals, and how to turn that limiting belief around
  • Her favourite affirmations to help improve our money stories

I know you will love this conversation with Denise!  You can find her at www.denisedt.com and on Instagram at @denisedt.