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Welcome to a brand spanking new season of The Lorraine Murphy Show!  The theme for this season is “connection” – and you’ll see this theme to come to life in a different way each week of this season.

First up, I’m jumping into a topic that I find stresses many people out… a lot.  Living an on-purpose/purposeful/purpose-aligned life is held up as the gold standard, and it’s incredibly easy to feel like you’re falling short if you’re not 100%, 24/7 “on purpose” in your life.


I’ve got some strong opinions when it comes to the area of purpose, which I share in this episode – including:

  • How I see women stressing themselves out unnecessarily about their purpose
  • What purpose is NOT
  • How purpose is often confused with vision and passion
  • My definition of purpose
  • The biggest mic drop insight that I’ve shared recently when I talk about purpose, and how freeing it is when we can onboard it into our lives
  • What the most destructive pitfall is for those trying to connect their purpose
  • How we can physically and spiritually prepare ourselves to dive into exploring our purpose, and why this is so important
  • The five questions I ask my mentees to answer to help them get closer to their purpose


Resources from this episode:

Simon Sinek’s TED talk on “Knowing Your Why” is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ZoJKF_VuA&vl=en


The five self-exploration questions I recommend are:

  1. My vision: if my life could look any way and I COULD NOT FAIL, what would I do?
  2. My passions: What are the day-to-day moments of bliss that I experience in my life?
  3. Purpose: What gets me excited/furious/happy?
  4. Purpose: When was a time that I felt I had a strong purpose? And why was that?
  5. Purpose: Who are three purposeful people I know, and why am I drawn to them?


And I would LOVE for you to save the date to attend my Reconnection Tour… I’ll be visiting six cities over April/May for an illuminating and very fun evening event.  This definitely one to bring some girlfriends to!

Dates are:

Thursday 22nd April – CANBERRA

Wednesday 28th April – GOLD COAST

Thursday 29th April – BRISBANE

Wednesday 5th May – ADELAIDE

Thursday 6th May – MELBOURNE

Thursday 13th May – SYDNEY