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The theme for this season is “connection” – and you’ll see this theme come to life in a different way each week of this season.

I’m so excited for this week’s episode, as this is a topic that I’ve pondered a LOT on over the years: how to make friends… as a grown-up.  

Joining me is my most recent BFF, Stacey Clare.  We became friends in 2019 and I honestly didn’t think I’d form such a close bond with someone new at this stage of my life.  I was thrilled when she said yes to joining me for a chat to unpack how we became close friends, and a broader conversation about female friendships too.  

I consider Stace to be a “gold standard friend” – she’s one of those incredible women who makes her friends feel so seen and cared for… so I selfishly wanted to learn her tips too!

Stace is a health coach, food expert and founder of staceyclare.com – where she teaches mums to prepare super-healthy, super-easy meals for their families.  She’s also mum to three gorgeous kids.  

In our chat, we cover:

  • How the siblings we have could influence our needs when it comes to friendships
  • The biggest challenges in making friends as a grown-up
  • The step-by-step to how we met and became friends
  • Why we think our friendship was forged so quickly
  • Each of our individual fears around making new friends… and if our high school experiences have influenced them
  • The importance of one-on-one time in forming adult friendships – especially if you’re a mother
  • How our own insecurities and shyness can hold us back from connecting with awesome new women
  • My hang-ups about Other School Mums!
  • What happens when it’s time to let a friendship go from our lives
  • Her brilliant tips on how she nurtures her female friendships (I took notes here!)
  • Our advice to anyone wanting to make more friends as a grown-up 

I hope you enjoy this conversation about what I believe is a critically important topic for women.  Big thanks to Stace for being such a wonderful guest.   You can find her and her incredible work at staceyclare.com (including a free ebook with all her knockout slowcooker recipes), on Facebook and on Instagram as @staceyclare_healthcoach.