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The theme for this season is “connection” – and this theme will come to life in a different way each week of this season.  Myself and my special guests will be diving into mindset, success, wellbeing and relationships as we journey into a different facet of “connection” in each episode.

I am extremely privileged with the number of women I get to connect with through my work, and the access that they give me to their innermost thoughts.  I hear from women every day on their greatest wants, desires and wishes – through my one-on-one mentoring, my events, podcast feedback… and The LM Love Club.

The LM Love Club is my membership group; that has been running since March last year.  It’s a source of wonderful connection, support, motivation and guidance for those in the group… and doors are open until Monday 19th April.  You can find out more right here: 

In this week’s episode, I share the five greatest wants that I see the women in my community having – and how I’ve experienced them in my own life.  I would love for every woman to listen to this episode to realise that they are not alone in having these longings for their lives.