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Our topic this week is something that has been transformational for me in my business and personal life over the last four years or so.

From being told by an energy healer at a health retreat that I was running on 98.5% masculine energy to trying to tune more into my masculine/feminine sides and harness that knowledge to be more in balance, this has been a BIG journey for me.

And I can think of no-one better to speak with authority on this space than this week’s guest, Megan Dalla-Camina.

Megan is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer and coach, as well as being a single mum to her 18-year-old son.  

I could honestly have talked to Megan all day, so the fact that we kept the conversation to one hour is a miracle – and that we managed to squeeze so much into that hour!

In our conversation, we cover:

  • Her experience of being “corporate till I die” to stepping out in pursuit of her own business
  • The 101/dummies guide to masculine and feminine energies
  • How we can identify if we’re in our masculine or feminine energy at any one time
  • How both energies are productive, but in very different ways
  • How to swap between your masculine and feminine (and back again) with ease
  • How becoming a parent can influence which energy we’re dominant in
  • Her thoughts on the theory that start-ups are fundamentally feminine
  • The three traps that make us susceptible to burn-out
  • The “soft” feminine versus the “fierce” feminine
  • Three female entrepreneurs she sees successfully blending their masculine and feminine energies
  • Life seasons and how they can help us with the business/family blend


I hope you get a few nuggets out of Megan’s wisdom that will set you on your way to finding more balanced energy in your life.

You can find Megan at these websites: www.megandallacamina.com and www.sacredliving.co, and on Instagram – @megandallacamina.

You can also get more Megan goodness in her new book – Simple Sacred Soulful – on online booksellers and bookstores.

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Much love and gratitude to my partner for this week’s episode, LUXit – you can find them at luxit.com.au and follow them at @luxit_official.