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The theme for this season is “connection” – and this theme will come to life in a different way each week of this season. Myself and my special guests will be diving into mindset, success, wellbeing and relationships as we journey into a different facet of “connection” in each episode.

This week’s episode was sparked by a question from my community!  I see connection as the foundation of my work – without honing this skill, I wouldn’t be able to create the results that I do for the women I work with.  Our ability to authentically and efficiently connect is a core skill we can develop in order to achieve success in every area of our lives.

In this episode, I share the six golden rules that I work with to establish this connection.  They’ll help you in both personal and professional relationships, and – as I share in this episode – at the core of them is our ability to self-lead.

I’m into the last leg of my Reconnection Tour – I’m bringing it home to Sydney on Thursday 13th May AND I’ve just announced a virtual stop on Saturday 15th May.  All deets and tickets are on my website right here: lorrainemurphy.com.au/reconnection-tour.

I also mention DISC in Episode 47 of the show, and the DISC Behaviour Profiling Workshop I mention is here: lorrainemurphy.com.au/product/disc-workshop.