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The theme for this season is “connection” – and this theme will come to life in a different way each week of this season. Myself and my special guests will be diving into mindset, success, wellbeing and relationships as we journey into a different facet of “connection” in each episode.

I’ve been wanting to dive into the topic of sleep for ages on the show, and when Lisa Maltman popped up at one of my events, I found the perfect person to speak to!  

I know from speaking to my community that FAR too many women are struggling with their sleep… and as we discuss in this week’s episode, the consequences of ongoing sleep deprivation are far-reaching.  As I learned this week, a terrifying 40% of adults experience sleep deprivation!

Lisa Maltman is the founder and owner of The Sleep Connection and is passionate about improving lives through healthy sleep.  She delivers wellness sleep programs to both corporate audiences and schools to address the growing concern regarding the impact

insufficient sleep is having on the wellbeing and productivity, and is also an invited speaker at key mental health and wellbeing conferences.  You can find Lisa at: thesleepconnection.com.au.


In our chat, Lisa and I cover:

  • How her own experience of sleep issues affected her life, and set her on the path she’s now on
  • The most common three issues that people struggle with 
  • The two distinct groups of people who are sleep deprived: the “Can’t Sleeps” and the “Won’t Sleeps”
  • The long-term impacts of ongoing/chronic sleep deprivation
  • How much sleep we really need  
  • The three different stages of sleep
  • How the stories we tell ourselves about sleep can have a detrimental effect on our ability to get adequate sleep
  • The fascinating link between sleep and unwanted weight gain 
  • The three key “chronotypes” – how to tell which one you are, and how knowing that will dictate the sleep you need
  • Her tops tips on effective napping (and her thoughts on the “nappucino” phenomenon!)
  • Whether or not if it’s possible to catch up on sleep debt
  • Why we can feel exhausted after drinking alcohol the night before, even if we’ve had enough sleep
  • “Sleep thieves” and what the most challenging ones are
  • Her advice for parents experiencing child-related sleep deprivation (and a genius reframe to reduce parental bickering over sleep!)
  • Where to go for help if we’re having consistent issues with our sleep
  • How sleep impacts our body’s ability to make and regulate hormones


Resources shared in this episode:

  • The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan, Debra Fulghum Bruce & Michael Breus 
  • Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams, Dr Matthew Walker
  • Thrive, Arianna Huffington 
  • Sleepio – an online program tailored for adults, to help improve poor sleep