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The theme for this season is “connection” – and this theme will come to life in a different way each week of this season. Myself and my special guests will be diving into mindset, success, wellbeing and relationships as we journey into a different facet of “connection” in each episode.

This week I’m bringing you a conversation with my favourite healer in Bali, Jimmy Doyle.  I’ve had quite a few sessions with Jimmy over the years, and he’s also the healer I choose to come and support retreat guests on my Bali retreats.  

He has taught me a huge amount about connecting with myself and my body, and also broader wisdom about life.  He’s also the person who first introduced me to the idea that all of our symptoms (physical and mental) are related to a belief or emotion we hold about ourselves.  


In this episode, Jimmy and I discuss: 

  • The unique way he works with his clients, and why he prefers to describe himself as a “facilitator” rather than a “healer”
  • How the symptoms/pain/physical issues we experience are connected to our emotions and/or beliefs
  • His belief that many women are disconnected from their bodies, and why he thinks that is
  • The impact that our connection with other people has on our own wellbeing
  • The most common physical issues he sees Western women coming to him with (hint: hormones rank highly!)
  • The simple practices that he recommends for us to stay connected with ourselves and protect our energy
  • The pressure points we should stimulate to balance our thyroid function, and the points for overall hormonal balance
  • The main negative programs behind hormonal imbalances, liver issues, breast problems and thrush/candida


Resources shared in this episode:

  • You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay
  • Heal Your Body, Louise Hay
  • The Body Is The Barometer Of The Soul, Annette Noontil