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This last episode of the season features my husband – and most regular guest! – Wade.  He’s back after a long hiatus from guest duties to chat to me about the year we’ve had together so far in 2021.  It’s featured huge disruption and challenges, most of which we haven’t spoken about until now.

We cover the COVID-impact on his business, the new direction he’s taking and the impact they’ve had on our relationship.  We also share how we’re feeling as we head into Baby Land soon – the plan, the preparations and our expectations from this next chapter.

Big thanks to Nature Nate’s honey for partnering with me for this episode.  We have our second freezer installed and I am so excited to fill it with delicious, nourishing meals and sweet treats to make life as easy as possible for after Baby’s arrival.  I’m loving this honey – it’s 100% raw and unfiltered, is made by Australian bees and is available at Woolworths.  I’ll be using it as my sweetener of choice for my freezer goodies!