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I’m SO excited to share this once-off episode with you, as it features the birth story of our beautiful baby boy, Wilder.  As I recorded this episode, he was four weeks old.  


In it, I share: 

  • An overview of Lexi’s birth, to set the scene for round two!
  • Why we wanted to have a homebirth
  • Who was in our birth team
  • The preparations we did for the birth
  • Why I didn’t want to go as post-date as Lexi did, and what I did to prevent that
  • My visualisation technique for the birth… and it if turned out like I visualised
  • The pain experience this time versus how it was with Lexi
  • How she responded to being at the birth
  • My immediate first reaction on finding out we had a boy
  • The post birth period
  • Whether or not I braved a placenta smoothie!
  • What I would do differently if I had this birth again
  • How my recovery has been
  • The story behind the name Wilder
  • A mini interview with Wade with his perspective on the birth


Some resources/people I mention in this episode:

  • My beautiful birth playlist is public on Spotify – search for my name and it’s called “Welcome home little baby”
  • Our midwife was Jo Hunter (@midwifejohunter on Instagram) and second midwife was Lucretia McCarthy (@birthinsight on Instagram).  Lu also encapsulated my placenta
  • My acupuncturist is Maggie Godin at Health Space in Rozelle
  • Our family chiropractor is Jessica Mangala at Realign Health Clinic in Leichhardt (@realign.health)
  • I see Alyssa at The Studio in Rozelle for physio (@thestudiorozelle)
  • Our birth photographer was Philippa from The First Hello (@thefirsthello)
  • Claire Obeid hosted my mother’s blessing (@claireobeid_)
  • Books I love on pregnancy: Ina May’s Natural Guide To Childbirth, Jenny Blyth‘s Down To Earth Birth and Thomas Verny and John Kelly‘s The Secret Life Of The Unborn Child and ‘s First Forty Days
  • Documentaries I loved: Birth Time (created by and featuring our midwife Jo) and The Business Of Being Born
  • Essential oils I used during birth: frankincense and clary sage