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Welcome to the first mentee case file episode of this entrepreneurship season!  I’m so looking forward to bringing you “how I did it” stories from some of the women I have the extreme privilege and joy of mentoring.

Scaling up their businesses is one of the most common objectives entrepreneurs have, and Lucy’s story is packed with insights and lessons on how she’s done it – and continues to do it – for her business.

Lucy Beytagh is the founder of the specialist communications agency, The LKB Agency – however it wasn’t always an agency.  She had been operating as a one woman consultancy for over 15 years before she reached out to me in early 2019.  Over the last two years, she has successfully transitioned her business to a six-person team.

I ADORE working with this woman – she is so smart, humble, brilliantly efficient and a stellar communicator.  In this episode she shares the step-by-step of how she did it – the aha moments, the challenges and the wins.  I think you’ll learn a lot from her, including:

  • What the turning point (or breaking point?!) was for her in changing the model
  • The realisation that the business biz needed to devolve away from her and how she felt about that
  • The very first steps she took towards an agency model – including a rebrand
  • How she built the team out, which roles she started with and why
  • Communicating to clients (especially those who had only ever had her) that new team members were joining, and how she moved work away from herself
  • How she has maintained client relationships even though her client contact has reduced
  • The difference an agency model has made – pros and cons for Lucy, and for the business
  • The advice she would pass on to other business owners aiming to do what she’s done

To find out more about The LKB Agency and Calm Communication, visit: thelkbagency.com.au.  Lucy is on Instagram as @lucy_thelkb_agency and you can find the business at @thelkb_agency.

And to enquire about mentoring with me, visit: lorrainemurphy.com.au/work-with-me/mentoring