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Hooray!  Another mentee case file episode this week.

Today I’m sharing a conversation with Alexis Sennitt.  For 18 years, Alexis has nurtured a passion for interior design, however she chose the corporate path instead – becoming a senior marketer in the FMCG sector.  

However her love of design kept calling, and we worked together earlier this year to design a strategy for her to transition onto a path to her purpose: to become an interior designer. 

In this chat, we cover:

  • Her “crossroads” experience and why she chose marketing over design after uni
  • The breaking point last year in deciding she needed to leave corporate
  • How we broke down her goal into an actionable plan
  • What her biggest blocks to making the big move were
  • How fear of failure was holding her back (and my reframe on failure!)
  • The small initial steps she completed to gain momentum and confidence
  • The build-up to handing in her notice… and how it went
  • Communicating her change of direction to the people around her
  • Embarking on her first job hunt in several years, and how digital networked helped her towards her path
  • Her biggest learnings from the experience, and how she feels now she’s on her path of purpose
  • What she would say to others who want to make a big change in their career

You can find Alexis on Instagram at @lightas3.  And to enquire about mentoring with me, visit: lorrainemurphy.com.au/work-with-me/mentoring.