Upcoming Events


Thursday 10th December, 7.30-9pm (AEDT)

Yay!  I’m hosting a special LM Christmas party!

After the year that 2020 has been, it’s time to kick back and have some fun together.

In my first ever LM ChristmasFest, we’ll be enjoying a night of food, drinks, games, laughs and goosebumps… and maybe some special guests.

Before the party, you’ll receive a prep guide with recipes for our cocktail of the night and our party snacks.  Then tune in for an evening of revelry, all guided by me as your MC.

And the best bit?  It’s all for a wonderful cause!

I’m super proud that my monthly events have raised thousands of dollars for charity this year, and to celebrate wrapping up the year, for this event 100% of ticket sales will be going towards helping support families who are doing it tough at Christmas.

This is a 90 minute party experienced over Zoom.

Everyone who registers will receive the party recording, so no need to miss out if you can’t make the event in real time. However for this one – I would REALLY suggest you join us in person.

Ticket price – $30, 100% going to the the Salvation Army.


Saturday 16th January 2021, 1-4pm (AEDT)

2021 is a BIG year for you – for two reasons:

  1. It’s your opportunity to put into play all the insights and breakthroughs of The Year Of Crazy that 2020 was.  
  2. After the turbulence of 2020, you have 12 key months to move ahead with your goals – especially if some goals got put on hold in recent months.

In this three-hour workshop, I’ll be guiding you through the annual planning process that I use myself – and have done for five years now.  This is your chance to get SERIOUS focus and momentum – straight out the gates of 2021.

We’ll start by doing a life audit of your life right now, and identifying the winning areas – and what areas need some TLC in the year ahead.

We’ll then jump into the future by five years… I’ll guide you through the visualisation exercise I use with my one-on-one mentees, and get a download from your Future Self on your dream life in 2026.

Once that’s locked in, we’ll break the five year vision down to a one year plan: what do you want your life to look like by the time the 1st January 2022 rolls around? 

From there, we’ll set crystal clear goals for the year ahead – and I’ll set you up to create your personalised quarterly plan to kick into the year with max momentum and focus.

At the end of this session, you’ll have:

  • A concise handle on what’s working in your life right now (and what isn’t)
  • A snapshot of your dream life in 2026
  • A clear plan for the next 12 months
  • A list of goals that will be your North Star in 2021
  • Training on my quarterly plan structure 
  • Buckets of inspo and motivation from myself and other participants to really make it happen this year

2021 is too much of an opportunity to waste, so maximise what you can achieve next year with this special, once-a-year event.

This is a three-hour workshop experienced over Zoom, with an accompanying Playbook.

Everyone who registers will receive the recording, so no need to miss out if you can’t make the event in real time.  

Ticket price – $55, with $15 from each ticket going to Share The Dignity.


Saturday 20th February 2021, 2-4pm (AEDT)

I’ve run dozens of online Masterclasses, group mentoring sessions and workshops now, and one question comes up again, and again… and again.

And it’s this: “I know what I SHOULD be doing, however I really struggle to stay on track.”

Well, this event is here to help!  In this two-hour workshop, I’ll guide you through the strategies that I employ myself, and that I teach my mentees and program participants.

This straight-talking and energetic virtual event is for you if:

  • Finding and sustaining motivation is an ongoing battle for you
  • You start new rituals and practices, but find yourself falling off the wagon after a couple of weeks
  • Disruptions like holidays/illness/kiddie curve balls throw you off course and you struggle to get back on track
  • You find yourself self self-sabotaging your own success and are sick of that pattern in your life
  • You want to know how I maintain my positive habits (and how I course correct when I don’t)

I’ll be covering how we can monitor and correct our negative self-talk, how affirmations can support us in making positive changes in our lives, how to break new habits down so that they’re accessible (and sustainable), and a WHOLE LOT more.

As a special bonus for this event, I’ll also share with you a “swipe file” of 100 of the most powerful affirmations – that can set you up for success in 2021 and beyond.

This is going to be a really special workshop, with a blend of solid, practical advice and a sprinkle of soulful magic.

This is a two-hour workshop experienced over Zoom, with an accompanying Playbook.

Everyone who registers will receive the recording, so no need to miss out if you can’t make the event in real time.  

Ticket price – $45, with $10 from each ticket going to Share The Dignity.


Thursday 25th – Sunday 28th February

I’m excited to finally be taking a group of wonderful women to the Noosa Hinterland in February!

This is a four-day, 3-night experience that gives you the opportunity to lay down the stresses and responsibilities of day-to-day life and be TOTALLY taken care of.

From the moment you arrive on the retreat, you are in me and my team’s capable hands.

Four days of rest, reflection, delicious food (our own private chef!), yoga, meditation, workshops and soul-time with like-minded women await – all surrounded by the magnificent Nature of our private 44-acre retreat.

Ok, I could happily write all day about how special this retreat will be, but instead I’ll invite you over to this page instead.

Spots are (of course) limited for this magical experience and lots have already been booked so have a read of the information and if you’re interested, get in touch and let us know.


Saturday 20th March, 1-4pm (AEDT)

After the wonderful success of my first virtual retreat in 2020, I’m bringing back another afternoon of space, indulgence and nurturing just for you.

To give you some much-needed solace and TLC, I’m hosting an afternoon of retreat bliss that you can enjoy from your own home.

My intent with this mini retreat is to create a space for you to recharge and learn some golden insights about how to care for yourself better.

To care for YOU, check in with YOU, and generate some fresh inspo and energy for YOU.

Along with two of my favourite spiritual souls, I will host you for an afternoon journey of bliss, connection, healing and learning.

This three-hour virtual retreat includes:

  • Your Bliss & Balance retreat guidebook, including recipes for 10 of my favourite soul treat foods
  • Guided reflection and insight time with me
  • A 45-minute meditation & yoga session
  • A 45-minute talk with one of my favourite healers
  • Guided reflection, insight and Q&A time with me
  • Recordings and notes from all retreat sessions
  • $15 charity donation

This is a three-hour retreat experienced over Zoom.

Everyone who registers will receive the retreat recording and Playbook, so no need to miss out if you can’t make the event in real time.

Ticket price – $59 including $15 donation to charity



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