Get Remarkably Organised for Teams

Get Remarkably Organised for Teams


Lorraine-Murphy-GroMany of us are spending entire days and weeks in reactive mode – reacting to everything from requests from our colleagues and families to traffic and late-running meetings. It’s no wonder that we often get to the end of the day and haven’t ticked one thing that we wanted to get done off our to do lists!

This has an enormous impact on how we work.

– We feel demotivated.
– Procrastination reigns supreme.
– Projects run over time and cost more than they should.
– Team morale suffers.
– Staff engagement falls through the floor.

Being organised means we switch into proactive mode. Life begins to happen for us, not to us. We invest time and energy every day in future-proofing our lives so that the majority of our days can be spent achieving our goals. Life begins to flow more smoothly, we feel happier and more fulfilled.

And our work and team culture flourishes as a result.




This training distils the key principles of my bestselling book – Get Remarkably Organised – into an informal, straight-talking and entertaining workshop. I will guide your team through a series of exercises to create their own infrastructure for both professional and personal success.  The content is at its best in a team environment, as the practices I teach become embedded into team culture, and individuals go on to keep each other accountable for months after the training.

As a result of this training, your team will:
•  Approach their days and tasks with a sense of purpose
•  Use their time and energy towards productive means
•  Have a strong working knowledge of what’s coming up today, this week and this month
•  Keep overwhelm in check as they have a handle on their to-do lists
•  Be able to enjoy periods of downtime as they know they have factored in when they’re going to achieve their key priorities
•  Generally speaking, have a default setting of calm focus




•  Why being organised can change your life
•  Analysis of how organised group feels in key life areas currently
•  What is being organised / concept of future self
•  Change your self talk
•  Offload excess stuff / decluttering physically and mentally
•  Design the life you want to be living
•  Plan planning time
•  Nail your to do list
•  Embed a positive morning and evening routine
•  Conquer distractions
•  Kick procrastination to the kerb
•  Keep yourself accountable



Feedback from past attendees

“The team was extremely engaged and the ‘a ha’ moments were plenty! It’s both encouraging and rewarding to see the increased clarity and productivity the team took away, and how they continue to encourage each other.”
~Te’nielle Stoltenkamp – Head of Brand, Social & Content – Uber Australia and New Zealand (Team leader)

“I liked that Lorraine offered suggestions and wasn’t forceful in saying this is the only way to do things. Super smart woman with an interesting background.” 

“Lorraine’s talk reminded me of the value of creative thinking, and to exercise the mind by pivoting ideas and shaking up routines and habits.  Her talk made me realise that life priorities can change, but as long as you’re true to your vision, passion will remain a magnet that leads you towards future goals” 

“Amazing! Made me really think about my life and adjustments that need to be made.”  

“Lorraine taught me that anyone can get more out of life if they make a few changes.”




• Three-hour workshop at your workplace
• Get Remarkably Organised Playbook for each attendee
• Ten signed Get Remarkably Organised books


• Option to build in follow-up sessions for additional training and accountability
• A video summary for the organisation’s intranet and for remote/new team members to access the training

To enquire about availability for a workshop for your team, please drop my team an email via the Contact form below.