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With the exception of a couple of people, the entrepreneurs I work with find sales to be the most difficult thing about running their businesses. Sales feels really gross for them and asking for money feels even more gross.

I had no sales experience when I started my first business, and it was an area that I had to learn about failed dismally, try again, failed dismally again, try again, fail again, for years before I hit upon the formula that worked for me and for my business.

Thankfully, I was mentored and coached by and studied many people who DID actually know what they were doing and it made an immeasurable difference to me.

Learning from experts is something we can all do, no matter where we are and I’m excited to bring you a consummate expert in sales this week, as part of the expert season on my podcast.

Sabri Suby walks his own talk and is one of the most inspiring people I know.

He first learned his craft in sales at other people’s businesses. He was the top selling salesperson at every company he has ever worked in before starting a couple of businesses himself.

His current business – King Kong – has gone on to become a runaway success in terms of digital marketing. The business was on the BRW Fast Starters list, not once, but twice. And Sabri himself has been featured in publications like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many, many others as well.

So I can think of no one better for us to learn from when it comes to sales – specifically digital sales. I spoke to Sabri a couple of weeks after his first book, Sell Like Crazy, had just come out and as you would expect, it was already a bestseller on Amazon.

You can find King Kong, at kingkong.com.au, and you can also follow Sabri on Instagram at @sabrisuby. And of course you can buy his book, Sell Like Crazy, on Amazon as well.

Thank you for listening in! It really does mean the world to me.

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