How to Turbo Charge Your Revenue Masterclass

Thursday, 21st March at 1:00pm

I believe that every business owner’s number one priority should be growing the revenue of their business.

The simple fact is that, in business, there are very few problems that making more money won’t solve.  With more money flushing through our businesses, we can hire more people, work in an office we can be proud of and engineer our days to do the tasks we love to do.

Sales is a dirty word for many entrepreneurs, especially – and I hate to say it – female entrepreneurs.  It makes me so sad to see how many women are holding their own businesses back by not striking out in pursuit of the money they’d like to be making in them.

The thing is, it doesn’t need to feel icky or gross to be asking people to pay for your awesome product or service!

I never saw myself as a salesperson, yet by engaging a few simple strategies and staying damn focused, I grew my first business to multi-millions of revenue each year and landed us on the BRW Fast Starters in our third year in business.

In this informal, engaging Masterclass, I’ll share with you the secrets I have used for years to turbocharge revenue in my businesses and that I share with my mentees in our one-on-one sessions. Sign up to our Masterclass by registering your email and name below and we will send you the link to join in the meeting.

If you can’t make the live Masterclass, you can still register and receive the recording after the session.

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