My LM Love Club has been running since March last year, and it’s one of the secret jewels of my community. I’ve rarely seen the level of connection, mutual support and friendship develop as quickly as it has in this special group of women.

Each month, members gather online for a group mentoring session with me…. And those sessions are a highlight of my month!

Given the general “bigness” of the time we’re living in, this connection and sisterhood is more important than ever. 

So I’m sharing a peek behind the curtain to The LM Love Club!

I’m inviting everyone in my community to join me for a special group mentoring session with me – I’m calling it Love Club Live and its happening at 8pm (AEST) on the 13th of April.

It’s your chance to connect with like-minded women, get my input on a challenge you’re experiencing right now, meet some of the existing club members and get a serious hit of motivation and reassurance.

It’s totally free to join, you just need to register below so we can send you the joining details.

Can’t wait to see you there!