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I interrupt usual Chicken Soup Conversations service to bring you a bonus episode…

I’ve been having a similar conversation with many of my mentees and Step Into You members over the last three weeks…. How do I GSD in this New Normal of working from home??!

Given how many times I’ve been having this conversation, I thought it would be helpful for my podcast listeners if I got my ten key tips on the air as a podcast episode… so here it is.

In this bonus installment of The Lorraine Murphy Show, I cover:

  • My Ten Commandments to Getting Shit Done remotely
  • What I believe the real potential clusterf*ck is with this rapid adjustment to WFH
  • The other pandemic on the loose – Death By Zoom – and what we can do to prevent it
  • Why separation from work and home is critical when working remotely
  • The concept of anchors and how we can leverage them to power up for work… and power down at the end of our work day
  • The simple – but incredibly powerful – scheduling tool I teach to teams, and why it’s more important than ever right now
  • How boundaries are vital, and how we can create them without putting others’ noses out of joint
  • Why a weekly communication rhythm is essential to keep teams connected… and not waste each other’s time with unnecessary meetings!


I so hope you enjoy this bonus episode, and get lots of ideas on how you can be more productive, and also get downtime, in this period of uncertainty.

I’m now taking bookings for my Remote Flow program, which guides teams through three modules of live training. 

  • Module 1 – Getting remarkably organised
  • Module 2 – Maintaining a positive mindset
  • Module 3 – Staying connected as a team


It’s ideal if you want your team to be skilled up with the best practice ideas, tools and self-knowledge they’ll need to navigate this new period of working remotely.

To get the info, just send me an email at lorraine@lorrainemurphy.com.au.