The most important step in every goalsetting process is knowing WHERE you want to end up!

…and funnily enough – that’s the step that I see most people struggling with!

I’ve used this One Year Visualisation Exercise with hundreds of mentees and program attendees now, and it’s a surefire way of getting you clearer on the vision you hold most dear for your life.

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Have you ever been faced with a blank page in your notebook or a blank template and find yourself at a loss for where to start with planning the life of your dreams?!

The thing is, you’ll get a LOT clearer if you tune into yourself and your own guidance, rather than scratching away at a page of paper.

My One Year Visualisation Exercise gets you out of your own logical mind and gives you freedom to blast forward to Future You 12 months from now, and access the “breadcrumb trail” of guidance to where your life can be in a year’s time.

As you sit back and listen to this audio track, I’ll guide you through your life as it could be 12 months from now, across all the key areas: Career, Family, Home, Giving Back and more.

Then you’ll use my One Year Vision template to capture all the juicy details of the dream life you saw in your mind’s eye during the visualisation.

And once your One Year Vision is in place, setting your goals becomes easy-breezy!

This could be the most valuable 30 minutes you spend all year…