Audio Mentoring – Get Out Of Overwhelm Hell


Being overwhelmed is probably the biggest problem I see my mentees having, and it’s a feeling I know intimately myself!

Occasional overwhelm is normal, to be expected even. However when the overwhelm gets chronic, something needs to change…

…and that something is you!

This mentoring guide is intended as a means of helping you get your head above water, by sharing some of the tools that I provide my mentees with – so you have the mental bandwidth to move forward in your life.

I know you’re already overwhelmed, so I’ve made this SUPER easy for you. The last thing I want is to add even more to your plate!

This is the kind, no-fluff, inside track to getting you out of overwhelm hell.



I work with a small number of mentees one-on-one, however that model doesn’t suit everyone’s budget, time or location.  

These guides are a super-accessible, super-effective way to access me to overcome the most common challenges I work with my mentees on.  It’s budget-friendly, super-flexible mentoring that you can access whenever suits you!

The tracks are short (under 8 mins each) and bite-size in style. You can listen to all the tracks in one day, or space them out over a time that suits you.