SWIISH Gets Remarkably Organised Program – Gift Certificate


The SWIISH Gets Remarkably Organised course is the perfect gift to help your friends and family get their shit together in 2019!

Please remember to tell us in the Order Notes who we can expect to join us. Following your purchase, we will send a unique code for your recipient to enrol with so they are added to our course list. If you do not receive the unique code, please get in touch.




Week 1: Take stock

This is the foundation stone for your entire success in this program, when you’ll get super clear on your priorities for the next eight weeks. We evaluate where your life is at right now and identify the areas that need some additional oomph. And off we go!

Week 2: Offload the crap

Having physical clutter in our lives results in our minds being cluttered, meaning we haven’t a hope of approaching our lives with clear direction and headspace. I’ll guide you through exiting the excess stuff in your life so you can start to think and act with more clarity and focus.

Week 3: Tossing out the stones in your shoe

This week we tackle those itty-bitty tasks that have lived on your over-stretched brain for years, consuming energy that you could be channelling into wayyyyy more fun and productive things!  Hello clear thinking and unleashed energy for the big stuff in your life.

Week 4: Plan the life YOU want to live

This week, we change tack. Now that you’ve got renewed energy, clarity and focus, I help you map out the life you want to be living.. and identify some simple ways you can make that a reality this week.

Week 5: Morning routine

How we spend our mornings dictates our entire day. Together, we’ll build your perfect morning routine – and help you make it happen. I’ll share the videos, meditations and other mood-boosting, motivation-generating tricks I fall back on when I need some extra zhoosh in my mornings.

Week 6: Evening routine

This week we focus on your evenings, and create positive evening rituals that will have you rested, calm and clear every evening – and feeling ready to sail through the next day.

Week 7: Nixing procrastination

Procrastination can be an absolute bitch, and I believe is the number one way that we sabotage ourselves from living a happier, more successful life. With some simple ideas from me, we’ll gently get you over the hump of procrastination so you can get started on those tasks that will get you closer to your goals.

Week 8: Distractions

This week is all about either removing or coping with the various distractions that come our way, robbing us of our time and concentration. I’ll help you identify the key distractions in your life, and we’ll work together to create a plan to tackle them.