Pep Talk – Overcome Imposter Syndrome


Imposter Syndrome is an absolute B**ch!  And one that doesn’t discriminate – I’ve experienced it many times, as have so many of my mentees.

It’s that icky feeling or belief that you don’t belong or are not as good/deserving/knowledgeable//worthy (the list goes on!) as others

If you want to kick Imposter Syndrome to the kerb so you can get on with creating your amazing life, this pep talk is for you…

The love child of a guided meditation, (gentle) butt kicking and SOS mentoring session with me will help you rev up to make the magic you want to make happen in your life.

Just find a quiet place, pop your headphones in and let’s deal with that Imposter Syndrome together over 8 powerful minutes.

It’s a GREAT one to tune into right before Very Big Things (e.g: that presentation, speaking gig or job interview) and the amazing thing is that it gets more powerful every time you listen to it.