Pep Talk – Rev Your Confidence


All of us need that extra boost at certain times – before we step into that Very Important Meeting, head into a much-anticipated first date, or tackle a scary conversation or just need a rev-up day-to-day.

A well-timed and loving pep talk can be transformational (I know cos I’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of many pep talks, and to give them to my mentees)…

…which is EXACTLY why I created this pep talk!

The love child of a guided meditation, (gentle) butt kicking and SOS mentoring session with me will help you step into an even braver, more fabulous version of yourself so you can approach new or intimidating experiences with confidence.

Just find a quiet place, pop your headphones in and let’s get you charged up with confidence together over eight minutes.

Use it tactically before specific events, or put yourself on a mini confidence bootcamp by tuning in every day for a week – and topping yourself up whenever you feel you need a boost.