Remarkability Retreat


In early 2018, I spent eight weeks on an Eat Pray Love adventure in Bali with Lexi.  After the most intense year of my life, eight weeks soaking up the magical healing energy of Bali was very much needed.

During those weeks, I gradually uncoiled. A soul-nurturing blend of yoga, healers, great food (oh the food!!!), reading, meditating and a major repayment plan on my sleep debt worked its magic.

My default setting of being tense, reactive and hard hustling began to be replaced by a new mode of calm, faith in myself and a trust that I was back in the spine-tingling feeling of being in full universal flow. I felt able to tap into my higher self and intuition again.

Arriving in Bali, I felt hard, crunchy, unbending.

Leaving, I felt fluid, soft, and in flow again.

I think the “after” photo on my last morning in Bali says it all…

On the last day of my own retreat, I decided that I simply had to open up the experience I had just had to a group of like-minded women. And so the Remarkability Retreat was born.

In November I hosted a group of very special women – sharing with them the greatest gifts that I had experienced myself a few months earlier.  It was one of the pivotal moments in my career to see them go from tired, overwhelmed, stressed and strung out to their true glowing, radiant, centred selves over the course of our seven days together.

Based on the incredible experience we shared together, I’m opening up a second retreat in 2019…

Saturday 11th – Friday 17th May 2019


This retreat is for you…

…If you’re tired.

…If you’re overwhelmed.

…If you need to hit the pause button on life responsibilities so you can catch your breath.

…If you feel you’re nurturing everyone else’s needs and not your own.

…If stress has you waking at 2am mentally rehearsing your to do list for the next day.

…If you feel a need to connect on a deep level with fellow strong, passionate and supportive women.

…If you’re at crossroads in your life and want to get some clear direction on what your next steps are.

…If you haven’t had time to think about what YOU want from your life for a long, long time.

…If you have some heavy emotional or mental shit that you’re ready to kiss goodbye.

…If you feel a bit lost and unsure of where to next.

…If you’re feeling spiritually depleted and want to create a stronger connection with the divine.

…If your health is lacklustre and is in need of a kickstart.


Retreat-My-PromiseI have curated the very, very, VERY best bits of my eight weeks in Bali into a six-night/seven day experience that I guarantee will have you bouncing off the plane when you land back in your home city.

This is a mash-up of one of my Bootcamps on steroids, a business conference, a health retreat, a spiritual journey, a pampering fest, an eating tour and a truly Balinese experience.

It’s a retreat where we welcome the day with meditation, then toast it with evening cocktails by the pool. Where we learn about Ayurveda and delight over a delicious chocolate cake. Where we spend time asking ourselves the hard questions and calling ourselves on our own bullshit, and bliss out with heavenly massages.


It’s where – above all – we nourish all the different elements of ourselves: our bodies, our minds, our spirits, our emotions.



The Remarkability Retreat will be based across three luxury villas, which are located in a small village called Kaba Kaba – just 15 minutes from Canggu, the most hip and happening area in Bali.

Villa Shanti Sari will be our main HQ and we have two sister villas. The three villas are quite literally on each other’s doorsteps, making it super easy to nip back and forth.

The villas have a beautiful barefoot-luxury vibe, and you will instantly feel at home there. We have a full staff including butlers, cooks, drivers and gardeners – so life will feel crazy-easy during your stay. In fact, the only place that I remember experiencing this kind of comfort and service was when I stayed on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island in 2016…

The villas are smack-bang in the most luscious tropical nature settings, with a flowing river passing by each one on the way to the next villa.  If you’re after a deep connection with the energy of nature, you can’t really get better than these villas.

Every room is luxuriously appointed with spacious, modern bathrooms. Each one has its pros – one might have a great view, whereas another has an extra-fancy bathroom, one might have an outdoor bath… Oh, and all rooms have aircon.

All three villas have an abundance of sofas, sun lounges and quiet chill-out areas – so plenty of solitude to read, journal or just daydream outside of the group interaction.


I have run dozens of Bootcamps and Turbo Mentoring sessions now, and this is my opportunity to go really deep with my mentoring.. I will be talking straight – if you want to get called on your own BS, then you are in the right place – and also being your go-get-‘em cheerleader as you make some big decisions on where you are and where you want to be.

Included in the itinerary are three half-day group workshops with me. The sessions will be specifically designed to help you:
• Identify and overcoming blocks you may be experiencing
• Find your passions and create more time for them in your life
• Design the life that you want to be living
• Clearly articulate your strengths and superpowers
• Map out a magnetic five-year vision for your life
• Articulate clear goals and a map out a plan to make them a reality
• Tap into your own higher guidance using the tools that I have learned and use daily in my own life

Workshop 1 will help you assess where you’re at in your life right now and identify the key areas for focus for your retreat.

In Workshop 2, we go deeep into business!  I’ll be distilling my greatest aha moments over an intensive, action-packed half-day session.

Workshop 3 sees us bring together all your learnings from the week into an actionable plan that you can implement at home.

2018 guests said:

“Honestly, it seems like I’m just firing off 10/10s here, but the way you used your intuition to bend and shape each workshop to suit what we asked for, how we felt on the day, and what you felt we needed was exceptional. I never left a session feeling unsatisfied, and I liked how you blended both pre-determined exercises, and quick ’round the table’ questions to check in with the progress of the session.”


As well as the workshop sessions, I will have a one-hour one-on-one with each retreat guest.  This is your opportunity to have my strategic input into your business and life.

Some 2018 retreat guests used this to give themselves a mindset overhaul, some to design a new sales process, some to put in place some structures at home to help them live better so they had more to give to their businesses.  This time is all about you.

Words from 2018 guests:

“There should be a chance for 12 stars.”

“Life changing- literally just what I needed so I could get more specific clarity on what I needed to do with my business moving forward – thank you Lorraine!”

Outside of the “formal” mentoring sessions, I’ll also be with you each day for informal discussions while we share a meal or adventure.  I’ve found myself from the retreats, interstate conferences and leadership gatherings that I’ve attended that those seemingly innocuous conversations where I find ourselves sitting next to someone on a car journey, or a chance remark over breakfast can open my eyes to a path I hadn’t even thought of before.

To help you keep momentum on the goals you set when you get home, you will also have an accountability call with me one month after the retreat.


Anyone who knows me knows that food is a very high priority for me! We ate extremely well in Bali and if you were following along on my Insta stories, this is your opportunity to sample all those delicious dishes yourself.

Almost all meals are included and will share with you the delights of Balinese cuisine with a heavy focus on as healthful foods as possible. Think abundant tropical fruits, superfood smoothies, fragrant curries, local fish, vegetable dishes like you wouldn’t believe, all prepared by our private cook Kadek.

We have one gourmet restaurant dinner together – at laid-back and luxe Fishbone Local – and you’ll also have the opportunity to sample the delights of Ubud, Canggu and Seminyak during your retreat day trips.

In addition to main meals, the villa pantries are stocked with snacks should you feel peckish. Bliss balls, cookies, potato chips, nut mix and fresh fruit platters are available for all-day grazing.  No guest of mine shall go hungry! Unlimited filtered water, fresh coconuts and tea and coffee will keep you nicely hydrated throughout your stay.


The food we will be enjoying will observe the 80:20 rule (my own personal rule of thumb when it comes to how I eat). 80% of our food will be super healthy, and 20% will be pure decadence.

We will also study the ancient Indian philosophy of Ayurveda, which encompasses spirituality, nutrition, movement, wellness treatments and much more.


A core part of the Ayurvedic tradition is the concept of doshas, or body types. Each of us is predominantly one of the three doshas: vata, pita and kapha. Discovering what body type I am, and learning what kind of food, exercise and self care that would nourish my dosha has been transformational.

As such, one morning of the Remarkability Retreat is dedicated to learning about the key principles of Ayurveda, identifying what dosha you are, and from that learning how you should care for yourself.

Yoga will also play a starring role in our wellness during the retreat. Each day as part of our Miracle Morning, we’ll have a yoga class together that will get our bodies moving and our minds clear for the day ahead.


I saw a lot of healers during my time in Bali, and each brought their own unique gift to help me in some way.

The most powerful session of all however was with Jimmy Doyle.

Jimmy doesn’t call himself a healer, instead he describes himself as a “facilitator” – as his clients are the ones who are truly doing the healing on themselves.

He is a body mind therapist with 35 years’ experience in his field who performs deep tissue massage, acupressure and adjustments to ligaments, tendons and organs whilst using words to reprogram subconscious patterns that cause physical pain and blocks in the body.  He also teaches a method of protection against the situations that cause these (something I have been using since he taught me it during my sessions with him).

My friend Tenielle (who first told me about Jimmy) described her session with him as “life-changing”, my mum said: “he saw my soul”. And me? After seeing Jimmy, the neck pain I had woken up with every day for years was gone.

Jimmy will be our Healer (or Facilitator!) in Residence and will have a private session with each retreat attendee at our villas.

Should you wish to see additional healers, I am very happy to recommend people and we can arrange for you to visit them during your retreat.


Bali is a deeply spiritual place, and I love how spirituality is infused to every element of daily life – from the daily offerings around the villas to the elevating scent of incense everywhere you go.

A major objective of the Remarkability Retreat is to help you connect with the divine source/God/the Universe/your higher self (whatever your belief is). As such, each day we devote time to cultivating your spiritual practice.

We open the retreat with a cacao ceremony, where we set our intentions for our time together.

Each morning I practise my own Miracle Morning – and these take on a whole new blissed-out level on the Remarkability Retreat!  Joining us as our spiritual guide is Brodie Rees, a yoga and meditation teacher with five years’ experience.

Brodie was an instant hit and friend with the group on the 2018 retreat, and brings a beautiful energy to our retreat.  She will lead our mornings together with a different yoga and meditation practise each morning, then she guides us through an oracle carding reading while we sip on warm water with fresh lime juice.

These mornings were transformational for the 2019 group:

“Absolutely AMAZING. Best way to start each day.”

“They were the perfect start to the day; little to no thinking required, just show up with your mat and cards, and follow Brodie’s lead. Taking the thinking out of that often difficult morning routine made it such an enjoyable, seamless and rejuvenating experience.”

“I’ve now implemented these into my daily routine! (so far so good!)”

Every night you’ll find an affirmation on your pillow as part of the evening turndown service.

Myself and Brodie’s favourite spiritual books are scattered around the villas, ready for you to pick up and get inspired whenever you feel like it.


Outside of the core workshops and group activities, you’ll also get to enjoy some of the most special sights and experiences that Bali has to offer. There will be a day trip to Ubud so you can enjoy my favourite things to do and see there, and there are also opportunities for you to sightsee, shop and eat in Canggu and Seminyak.


So much of the magic of a retreat is the fellow guests you get to know and learn from. Each evening the group comes together for Evening Circle, when we share the biggest learnings, aha moments and insights from the day with each other.  I have rarely experienced The Sisterhood in full flight like I did with the 2018 group in Bali – I know there were lifelong friendships forged there.


Each afternoon is dedicated to Go Inwards time – time just for you to relax, think, rest, be pampered or read. This is sacred time for you, with nowhere to be and no agenda. The villas offer plenty of areas for you to unwind in your own space, be it by the pool with a fresh coconut, or curled up in a comfy armchair with a cup of tea.

Included in your package is a daily treatment in your own room by a handpicked team of Balinese therapists. Choose from a massage, facial, mani pedi or relaxing hair treatment and scalp massage.

As a special last-day experience, we’ll also have a group visit to Prana Spa – which one of our retreat guests in 2018 said that she would fly back to Bali just to visit again.  The stunning and unique Moroccan interior is guaranteed to leave you on blissed out high as you turn your sights towards home.


Day 1 – Saturday 11th May – Welcome Day 

5.00pmArrive at Remarkability Retreat with your private driver. Meet your retreat team and enjoy a refreshing drink and villa tour with Lorraine while your luggage is brought to your room
5.30pmTime to freshen up
7.00pmCocktails by the pool
7.30pmRelaxed welcome dinner & early to bed

Day 2 – Sunday 12th May – Life Strategy Day 

6.00amGroup Miracle Morning (meditation, oracle cards, yoga class, warm water with lime juice)
8.00amGet-to-know-you breakfast
9.30amOpening cacao ceremony & intention setting
10.30amWorkshop led by Lorraine (superfood smoothie served at 11am)
2.00pmGo Inwards time (Enjoy a beauty treatment in your room, have a nap, journal, read your book, chill by the pool, go shopping in Canggu)
6.30pmEvening group circle
7.00pmCocktail & dinner

Day 3 – Monday 13th May – Wellness Day 

6.00amGroup Miracle Morning
9.00amTalk on Ayurveda with Ayurvedic doctor, including identifying your own dosha (body type). Smoothie tailored to your dosha served at 11am
2.00pmGo Inwards time
6.30pmEvening group circle
7.00pmCocktail & dinner

Day 4 – Tuesday 14th May – Day Trip to Ubud

8.00amCar transfer to Ubud
9.00amArrive in Ubud, options for activities include:
1) Yoga class, lunch & meditation at Yoga Barn
2) Visit the Monkey Forest, lunch at Clear Café, visit the Water Palace
3) Rice paddy walk, lunch at Sari Organic, shopping in Ubud centre
4.00pmReturn to villas
5.00pmFreshen up/rest time
6.30pmEvening group circle
7.00pmCocktail & dinner

Day 5 – Wednesday 15th May – Business Strategy Day

6.00amGroup Miracle Morning
9.00amBusiness workshop led by Lorraine (superfood smoothie served at 11am)
2.00pmGo Inwards time
7.00pmGourmet dinner at Canggu restaurant

Day 6 – Thursday 16th May – Spa Experience & Seminyak Exploring

6.00amGroup Miracle Morning
9.00amGroup outing to Prana Spa & explore Seminyak
2.00pmGo Inwards time – or stay out for the afternoon
6.30pmEvening group circle
7.00pmCocktail & dinner

Day 7 – Friday 17th May – Retreat Wrap-Up & Goalsetting

6.00amGroup Miracle Morning
9.00amWorkshop led by Lorraine
2.00pmGo Inward Time, pack & relax at villas
6.00pmAirport transfers with private drivers


• Pre-departure group introductory call
• Six nights of barefoot luxury villa accommodation
• Three half-day mentoring workshops with me (value of $6,000), plus informal mentoring throughout the retreat
• One hour one-on-one session with me (value of $500)
• Accountability call with me one month post-retreat
• Delicious breakfast, morning smoothie, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner on days the group is at the villa
• Fully stocked pantry of snacks (nuts, bliss balls, chocolate, potato chips)
• Morning lime juice and water drink, unlimited filtered water, tea, coffee and fresh coconuts
• Evening cocktails (guests are welcome to bring their own additional alcohol to enjoy in their rooms or at dinner)
• Dinner and drinks at Canggu restaurant
• Ayurvedic workshop and dosha analysis
• Cacao ceremony
• One healing session with our healer-in-residence Jimmy Doyle
• Five miracle mornings with our expert guide Brodie (meditation, yoga, oracle card reading)
• Five beauty treatments – including massage, facial, mani/pedi, hair treatment & scalp massage
• Day trip to Ubud (activities and lunch at guest’s own expense)
• One-hour treatment and transfers to Prana Spa
• Drivers for all day trips, including return trip the airport (or nearest town if you’re extending your trip in Bali on either side of the retreat)
• Welcome pack of oracle cards, Remarkable Retreat singlet, sunscreen, insect repellent, etc
• Nightly affirmation card as part of turndown service



“If you’re ready to deep dive into your life on all levels, reset, recharge and be lifted by the sisterhood this is the retreat for you.”

“The perfect mix of all the things! Relaxation, exploring, learning, food and fun”

“Do it. It’s a chance to connect with like minded souls, experience the very best of Bali, & recharge your own batteries. It’s a “check in” with what’s important to you. It’s a “soul check up”. Perhaps even a soul recalibration. & so much fun!”

“Please don’t take my spot! Kidding; I’d tell them it will change your life…  If you are feeling a sense of misdirection or an absence of purpose or control, it will take you on a journey you never expected – and one that will heal your soul and restore your faith in yourself. I found myself actually believing what I was saying about myself, trusting my gut, eating well and feeling amazing, and building up the confidence I lost long ago. I left armed with a shitload of tools and tricks to tackle life in every aspect.”

“Can’t recommend highly enough for business, spiritual and emotional enlightenment.”

“I would 100% recommend a Remarkability Retreat. The mix of business, wellness and spiritual elements was absolutely perfect, and I have come out of the retreat a completely different and better person.”

“Do it!”

“There was something magical about all being the same, despite being so very, very different. Thank you for creating such an incredible environment to centre myself, learn and grow, and rediscover so many things I’d forgotten about myself. “

“Lorraine, I just wanted to thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for organising this retreat. It was everything I wanted it to be and so much more! I feel like I hit the jackpot being surrounded by so many inspirational women, and having the chance the be mentored by you and to learn from the best was absolutely life changing. I would 100% want to come on the retreat you hold next year – count me in!”

If you’d like to read a good old debrief on the experience as a retreat attendee, check out Jem from A Stylish Moment’s blog post, who was one of my guests on the first retreat.


The retreat will be hosted across three villas (each villa has a pool), with the following rooms available:

Villa 1

Bedroom 1 – king bed, private outdoor bathroom, private balcony

Bedroom 2 – king bed, private outdoor bathroom

Bedroom 3 – queen bed, private outdoor bathroom

Bedroom 4 – twin room with king singles, private outdoor bathroom

Villa 2

Bedroom 1 – king bed, private bathroom, private pool deck

Bedroom 2 – king bed, private bathroom

Villa 3

Bedroom 1 – king bed, private outdoor bathroom, private balcony

Bedroom 2 – queen bed, shared bathroom with Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3 – queen bed, shared bathroom with Bedroom 2

The retreat rate varies depending on the room booked, between $4,400-$5,500.

Early bookers will be rewarded with having the pick of the rooms that most meets their needs and wishes from the retreat. I’ve put together a list of rooms with each one’s pros, and rooms will be allocated on a strict first-come-first-served basis.

My retreat in November 2018 sold out in 48 hours from just my email Love Letter list and based on how many people have been asking me for 2019 dates, I’m pretty sure this one will too.  So if you’re onboard, please book in asap as I would hate for you to miss out.


Email us at to reserve your spot.

A deposit of 50% is payable to secure the spot, and the remaining 50% is payable by 1st April 2019.


I’m not an entrepreneur, can I still go?
Yes of course – the Remarkability Retreat is for women from all professions. If you’re ambitious, passionate and open to new experiences then you are welcomed with open arms. There is one workshop dedicated purely to business, which you are of course very welcome to join.

Are flights included?
No – flights are at the individual guest’s expense.

How much additional cash will I need?
Most of your food, all transfers and accommodation are included in the package rate. Additional expenses will be for day trip expenses (e.g: tourist site entry fees or a yoga class at Yoga Barn), and any discretionary shopping, external treatments or meals you wish to you enjoy during your stay. In the pre-retreat briefing, we will give an estimated amount of cash that you should bring with you.

I have food intolerances, will that be a problem?
Nope, not at all. As part of preparation for the retreat, we’ll get the group’s dietary requirements and make sure that you have plenty of delicious food to choose from.

Do I have to do all of the group activities?
Not if you don’t want to. All group activities are fully optional, and if your body is telling you that a sleep-in is what it’s needs more than yoga, then I want you to honour that.

Can I bring a friend?
For sure. If you want to share a king-size bed, please get in touch regarding a special rate for you and your friend.

Will I have time to myself outside of organised activities?
Yep, for sure. As an introvert myself, I fully get the need to have some alone time to recharge your batteries. Most afternoons are designated as “Go Inwards” time – time for you to be alone if you choose to be.

How do the rooms get allocated?
As each guest books, the updated list of available rooms will be shared with them so that they can choose the room that suits them best. All the rooms are spacious and luxuriously-appointed, however if you want to have the biggest choice of rooms, I suggest you book asap.

How do I get to/from the airport?
We have a team of private drivers, who will pick you up at the airport and take you to the villas. They will also return you to the airport at the end of the retreat.

Is it ok if I extend my stay?
Yes of course. Some guests will arrive in Bali a few days before the retreat, and some will choose to stay on for more time after the retreat ends. If you’re not coming from the airport, our drivers will collect you from Canggu or Seminyak and bring you to the villa. If you decide to stay on, we’ll arrange a driver to drop you to your next accommodation on the last evening of the retreat.

Are tips included?
Tips for the villa staff (butlers, drivers, cooks, beauty therapists) are not included in the package rate. In the pre-retreat briefing, we will guide you on an appropriate amount to leave for the staff as a tip if you choose to give one as you leave.