I have been fortunate to work with hundreds of people in my second business: from one-on-one mentoring, to training workshops, to speaking at events. In doing so, I’ve carved out something of a name for myself as the Get Shit Done guru.

I’ve written a book about getting organised and run multiple online programs on organisation. I love the topic – and it’s hell-a useful to people as they try get into the driving seat of their lives.

However, there’s another problem that I see women especially having. I see this in conversations with my mentees in meeting rooms and at my kitchen table, at workshops and in casual conversations between sessions at events.


Yes, they’re tired.


Yes, they’re unmotivated.


Yes, they’re beating themselves up for not being/having/doing more.


Yes, they’re overwhelmed.


Yes, they’re not on purpose.


Yes, balance is non-existent.


Yes, they don’t feel they’ll ever get on top of their commitments.


Yes, everyone else is a priority over them.

But more than anything?

They’ve lost touch with themselves.

They want someone to help them out of their funk, but they don’t know who.

Or they want to work with me but my fee for one-on-one mentoring is beyond their bank account right now.

How this program came about

Just a few weeks ago, I was in a mentoring session with one of my gorgeous mentees. She has a booming business, is an in-demand speaker and had recently had her third child. Sitting at my kitchen table, I could see she was deflated, exhausted and distinctly uninspired. Her word to describe how she felt? “Fuddled”. AKA “fucking muddled”.

I sat listening while she talked and tried to formulate how to move forward with her. The last thing I wanted to do was overwhelm her even more. I didn’t want to push her too hard. I knew I could help her get more organised, but on an instinctive level, I knew her situation needed a slightly different approach.

Yes we’d need to sort through her plans and all that good stuff, but what we also needed to do was do a deep review of where she was at and connect her back up with her purpose. We needed to design her life so it was setting her up for success, not sucking her energy each day.

I scribbled a model for our work together in my notebook, and off we went.

Three hours later she walked out my front door with a spring in her step and a fire in her belly. She immediately started sleeping better. Overhauled her business strategy. Sounded like a different person on our check-in call two weeks later.

So what did we do?

The program I’m about to tell you about!!

I’ve broken down the model I used with my mentee into a six-week program – that you can access for a fraction of my one-on-one rate.

The program is designed to get you organised, yes. But also to tap back into YOU. Your motivations, your passion, your time, your energy, your fire.

I want to get you sparkling again, to see you thriving rather than surviving.

What’s involved?

In a picture, this is it:

Step-by-step, week-by-week

Each week, together we explore a specific area of your life.

Week 1: Setting life up so your tank is full


This starts with YOU. How can we design your life so you are deriving maximum energy from it?

Week 2: Connecting up with your vision


Life can feel very empty if we don’t have a magnetic vision pulling us forward. This week I step you through a very simple process to help you tune into and articulate your vision.

Week 3: Hatching a plan


Procrastinate no more! This week we break down your vision into a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Plan.

Week 4: Your support team


Behind every success story is a support story. This week we analyse what support you have in your life, and work through how you can set yourself up for greater success with the people around you.

Week 5: Your week


Each increment of Monday-Sunday is the building block to get us closer to that magnetic vision. This week we get creative with your week.

Week 6: Bringing it all together


We tie all our learnings together, unblock any last barriers for you and set you loose on life with an energised spirit, filled-up heart and clear mind.

Who it’s for

Step Into You is for you if:


You’re overwhelmed


You’re in need of some TLC


You want to get back in the driving seat of your life


You’re feeling flat


Motivation is a far-distant memory


The pressures of life are getting on top of you


You feel you’re sitting at the bottom of the pecking order

And how we’ll do it…

Before we kick into the program, I’ll ask you to complete an audit of your life. All very simple I promise! This is to prime you to get the most out of the program.

Then you’ll be connected up with me and your fellow program buddies in a private Facebook group. I’ll host a welcome chat and we’ll set our intentions for the program together.

In that group you can share your weekly progress, and ask me any questions you have. I’ll also deliver tonnes of love and TLC as you make changes in your life.

Each week you’ll receive a video from me on that week’s topic in your inbox. Short, sharp and packed with goodness, you can watch or listen to them – whatever works best for your life.

In Week 3 I’ll host another Facebook Live with the group and take you deeper on the planning process, and share some behind-the-scenes looks at my own plans.

On our last week together, we check in again and set you up to soar as you wrap up our time together.

I need to be very clear here…

This program is not set up to give you even MORE to do. It’s about getting you max value in a compact amount of time. It’s about mindset upgrades and fresh perspectives, rather than poring over time-consuming PDF exercises for hours on end,

It’s about giving you permission from yourself to step into the future version of yourself you know can exist.

What’s included?


Self-guided life audit


Six weekly videos


3 private group mentoring sessions with me


AND to put extra fuel in your tank, at the end of the program I'll also send you these three super special gifts:

  • Get Motivated audio pep talk
  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome audio pep talk
  • Finding Confidence audio pep talk

Registrations Close In









Equated into one-on-one mentoring with me, this program is worth


The fee for this program in 2020 will be



Opening Introductory rate for 2019 intake



(A whole $100 saved!)

AND… I’m making this risk-free for you

I know that it’s a big deal to take on the financial and time commitment of doing an online program. I so get it. And it’s not fair that all the risk should sit with you. So I’m backing myself big-time on this one.

If you’re not feeling calmer, clearer and more focused after completing the program – you let me know and I’ll refund your entire investment straight away. That’s how much I believe this will help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an entrepreneur?

No you don’t need to be an entrepreneur – this one is most definitely geared at a broader group.  From what I can see, most of the people who’ve signed up so far are not business owners.

Does it matter if I can’t make the live chats?

Nope not at all – they’ll be recorded, so you can watch them at the most convenient time for you.

I’m in a different time zone to Australia – does that matter?

The only time-sensitive element would be the live sessions in the Facebook group, however we’ll be recording them – so you can either watch back in the group later or watch them via the link we’ll share on email with participants.  You can submit questions in advance so I can address them in the session so you don’t miss out on that part. Everything else you can do in the middle of Aussie night-time if you like!

I’m not on Facebook/don’t like Facebook.  Will that affect me doing the program?

Oh God I hear you – I’m not a Facebook fan either.  But we wanted to include a community element on this one, and – for now – Facebook is the best place to do that.

All the live sessions will be recorded and we’ll circulate them via email afterwards, so you won’t miss out.  And you can email me any questions you have before the sessions so I can answer them.

Could I do it with a friend?

I LOVE that you’re keen to get your BFF involved – you’ll get so much out of the program if you do it together as you can keep each other extra accountable, and chat about the concepts we’re working through each week with someone in real life. 

Can I do a payment plan?

We’re working on it!  Our tech guru Jess is setting it up at the moment – I’ll drop you an email to let you know when it’s ready to roll.

I’m in!

Click here to book your spot on the program – see you in there!