Why The LM Love Club

Through my books, podcast, Monday Mentor emails and Love Letter emails, I share a LOT of experiences, ideas and ways to improve the different areas of our lives.

It’s super cool to get to do that; and the comments, DMs that come my way in response to what I put out there make my day every time they land.

But I wanted to go deeper…

I also see the kind of woman who is attracted to my IRL events, online programs and virtual trainings…

And she’s pretty awesome!

What I’ve noticed with her is that she’s hungry for connections with other like-minded women, who get her desire to shake her life up, also want to talk about the big things, and are on a mission to design their lives to be the truest version for themselves.

I wanted to gather them together…

The LM Love Club is not currently taking new member, the next intake is planned for Q2 2021.

Please register your interest below and you’ll be the first to know as soon doors are opening!