When I sit down to start work with a new mentee, I always ask them this question first:

What does success look like or feel like for this work we’re starting together?

The answer that comes back 9 times out of 10?


Clarity on a business vision, clarity at a crossroads, or maybe the vision is clear but the path to get there is not.

How I work

I work with a small number of one-on-one mentees at a time. Most of the women I work with are entrepreneurs and business owners, however some are not. My mentoring approach is something that has evolved over four years and over 100 mentees.

“Lorraine has taught me how to move from a goal setter to a goal getter. What once were pipedreams are now goals that have been actioned. From helping me set more realistic goals, breaking them into bite-sized chunks and most importantly, implementing them, I have been able to achieve what I want to in business and in my personal life thanks to Lorraine’s advice.”

Hannah Statham

Firstly, I share a lot of me

You can find all the great things about my path to get to where I am now right here. The awards, the multi-million dollar turnover, the bestselling books, the shiny happy photos in the perfect squares on Instagram.

I need to be really clear here.

My life is far from perfect.

I f*ck things up all the time. I’ve tasted my fair share of failure, pain and heartbreak.

I’ve had the sleepless nights over team issues, cash flow or a difficult conversation to be had the next day.

I’ve had the financial wipe-out, dismal failures at new business ideas, a struggle to get pregnant with our first baby, a failed attempt at a tree change, the loss of our tiny baby when we thought we were 12 weeks pregnant.

I’ve angsted over my role as a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur.

I’ve walked it and at times it brought me to my knees.

But I’m here. I made it through. I’m still standing. And every single one of those heartbreaks and failures gifted me their own individual lessons… and built a shit tonne of hard-earned resilience.

Yes, the successes and the highlights reel have taught me a lot. However I’ve learned even more from the low points.

It’s the experiences I’ve had, and the lessons I’ve had, that makes me the mentor I am. I put all of me into the relationships with my mentees, as it’s from that place of mutual trust and vulnerability that real transformation comes from.

Secondly, I work holistically

I don’t see you as a professional, entrepreneur or business owner. That stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. What makes you YOU is for sure what’s on your business card or email signature, but it’s also your values, your beliefs, your dreams. Your health, your relationships, your financial situation.

We’ll for sure do a lot of work on your business or career, however I’ll also be focusing on all those other special areas that make up the rich tapestry of your life.

Important: This is a BS Free Zone!

  • I will not buy into the BS you’ve been telling yourself – potentially for years
  • I will not give you a magical, fragical formula to make everything in your life perfecto within a month
  • I won’t do the work for you
  • I will not sugarcoat the truth as I see it

I won’t hand you a plan

A dream without a plan is just a wish! But the plan isn’t my plan, it’s your plan.

Together we’ll co-create an achievable, exciting plan to help you get to where you want to be.

My promise to you

I’m here as your chief cheerleader, sense-checker, sounding board, role play partner for difficult conversations, reminder of your greatness and caller-outer of your negative beliefs.

That’s the commitment I make to you.

What I ask of you in return is that you show up, you’re coachable and you implement to the very best of your ability.

Lorraine was my coach, cheerleader, sounding board and advisor during an absolutely pivotal time for me. She gave me guidance and mindset tools to overcome roadblocks and hurdles that had been there for YEARS. I did the ‘hard work’ but without Lorraine’s guidance, I couldn’t have made the changes I have.”

Alexis Sennitt

Power Quarter Mentoring

My three month one-on-one mentoring program runs like this:

Month 1


Deep Dive Session

This is where we get right into the core of where you’re at and generate momentum for the 3 months to come 3 hours in person or via Zoom


Accountability Call

this happens 2 weeks after our session. I check in on the actions we agreed together and answer any questions/blocks that might have arisen for you since we met 30 mins

Month 2


Mentoring Session

We continue to work through the challenges from the deep dive session and blast through our plan 1 hour call

Month 3


Mentoring Session

Working through the last remaining challenges and actions from the program 1 hour call


Wrap-up & Recommendations

I prepare a recommendations document for you based on our time together (think a school report card, but way less patronising and a lot more proactive) and we discuss it in a wrap-up session 45 min call

It’s for you if you answer YES!

to any of these statements…


Your business is running you rather than you running it


It's time to scale up and you have no idea where to start


The business overwhelm is real and you're sick of the 3am worry wake-ups


You're running out of time and energy to get your business where you want it to be


You want to establish your personal brand and create books, products or programs


If you're an employee, you're ready to make a change towards a more purposeful and aligned life

I need to get started on this!

Drop my team an email and they’ll get back to you with more information (including payment packages and availability).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with entrepreneurs?

80% of my mentees are entrepreneurs, the other 20% are either professionals seeking to reach higher in their careers, or to transition to owning their own business one day.

How do I find out if you’ve got availability to work with me?

Contact my team here and they’ll let you know when my next mentoring spots are available.

Do you just focus on business/career?

No! I believe that our businesses/careers are just the tip of the iceberg in our lives. The rest of that iceberg – our mindset, relationships, finances, wellbeing, etc – all stack up to influence our happiness and success in our working lives. When I work with a mentee, I don’t just see them as a business owner or professional, I see them as the holistic beings that they are – meaning our work will likely encompass those areas too.

How are the sessions run?

Sessions are usually run via Zoom and phone calls.

Is my business too small to benefit from mentoring?

Not at all! One guaranteed way to stay small is to think small. I work with businesses who are just starting out and working at their kitchen table, through to businesses who are turning over millions of dollars in revenue. If you’re eager to upgrade your business, then it doesn’t matter how big or small it is.


Are you ready for Change? Are you ready for some straight-talking and clarity? Then you’re ready for this.